Thursday, August 21, 2014

10 Digital Citizenship Tips From Your Mother

This is part of a great info graphic on the Eudemic site  . There is a longer poster with Do's and Don'ts for students (and us) on Netiquette (spelling?)

The ideas in this poster and elsewhere in Digital Citizenship courses all promote the ideas of Respect, Protect and being a Responsible Digital Citizen.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

So what did you learn today?


How many times have parents(including me ) asked their children about their
school day. I remember my own children excited to share their learning and
adventures when they came home from Primary School.

What did you learn is also a question several of us have had to think about as 
we reflect on our learning at recent conferences and workshops.  I travelled to 
Brisbane in early June with five other teachers from my school to attend the 
Edutech14 Conference along with 4000 other educators. See my post on this conference   HERE
So I have asked Lisa, our librarian to share what ideas she has taken away from
the trip. She has written a very interesting blog post about changes happening
to the our school library, inspired by a visit to a school in Brisbane and a fantastic
workshop by American Librarian, Joyce Valenza.

Read the rest of Lisa's article HERE