Monday, September 15, 2014

Sharing ideas and resources about learning.

I came across this interesting blog today written by Melbourne Librarian Rhondda .....
Read her BIO HERE. As I looked down her blog roll I recognised lots of people/educators I follow on Twitter, have read  their blogs, read their books, seen speak at conferences or even met!! (Chris Betcher) This particular post  had a list of interesting links to John Hattie, the maker movement, ideas about  libraries, apps for photos and examples of posters about Digital Citizenship. This was how I came across the blog. There is so much being shared by educators across the globe that it is hard to keep up. So I am always grateful that someone else has done the searching, sifting and sharing for me.
I have added this blog to the blog roll at the side because I think it could be a good one to follow.

This image is from Educational postcards created by Ken Whytock, sourced from