Friday, October 21, 2011

Waking up after some time away from this blog!

Have just re-discovered my blog!  Such a lot has happened since I first started it Where to start? Lots of interesting things in no particular order.
Ulearn Conference October 2009, Xmas 2009, NZ has World cup in 2 years time, Usual stuff, work, weekends, family, sport, food, summer holidays, university study 2009,
school begins 2010, rowing regattas, Maadi Cup April 2010, Easter Rugby Tournament. son makes school 1stXV, asparagus rolls every Saturday for aftermatch, Jean's coffee slice (yummy!)study grant from PPTA to continue Masters Papers for Post Grad in eLearning.Crusaders rugby, All Black tests, Sadly our beloved Snoop cat died aged about 18years. A bloody legend of a cat! The wedding of the year for 2010 is looming,
(I don't mean Wills and Kate - that is 2011)September 4th 7.1 earthquake at 4.35am- Christchurch changes forever, but we did not realise there was more to come, much much more and much much worse. NCEA exams also on the way for Yr 13 son - will he make it? October 23 2010- Only daughter's wedding in Christchurch in beautiful stone church in Cashmere (undamaged in earthquake) and then reception at Edwardian Tea House (also undamaged in earthquake)Great weekend had by all and a little 5.0 rattle for the visitors from the North Island! Just to let them what it is like here in CHCH. Yay I have an iPhone4 - soon to become "my precious"Off to North Island for Xmas and Newyear at the Beach in Coromandel, the long Kiwi Summer Holiday. to be continued...

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