Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Top Tools for 2013- What are teachers using?

Every year Jane Hart compiles the "Top 100 tools" list for the year as recommneded by educators around the world. This year Twitter was once more the winner, with Google Drive/Docs coming in at 2. You Tube was 3! Powerpoint 5, Evernote 6 Facebook 9 Moodle (Class Resources) 11 and Blogger 18.
These are all tools we use here at school to teach, learn and communicate with the wider community.
We have staff who use Twitter for personal use but also for communicating with students.  There is an official school Twitter feed, as well as a facebook page. Several staff members have blogs and we have all used Powerpoint. Mark Osborne championed Evernote and several staff are keen users of this curation tool. And we are all busy populating our class courses with a variety of resources.
It is good to know that we are at the cutting edge of changes in pedagogy and using technology for
 teaching and learning.

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