Friday, May 23, 2014

EFF - eFellows Forever!

In 2013 I was awarded an Core-ed eFellowship. For me this was  a huge honour and is part of my continuing eLearning/learning/educational/teaching etc journey. I was already involved in elearning with my classroom practice, University qualifications, educamps, presenting at conferences, running some Pd and being active on Twitter. However, becoming an eFellow i(e  joining  the "Fellowship" )has been an amazing experience. Last night I got to meet the 2014 eFellows, #efellow14. It was fantastic meeting Marnel, Ben, Rowan, Tim, Anne and Vicki. And of course catching up with Bec, John and Louise again.

 What was really fantastic ,was realising that here were some more amazing educators to add to my PLN or as I like to think of it, my personal wolf pack. For many teachers, their elearning journey can be quite lonely. They may be doing amazing, innovative things in their classroom, but there is not always someone to share those ideas with. This is where the PLN comes in. We are seeing the growth of fantastic, collaborative groups through Twitter, educamps, eduignite evenings, Core breakfasts,
events such as ULearn, Learning at Schools Roadshows, the VLN and now Pond.

So welcome to the Fellowship #eFellows14. Enjoy your journey and hope to catch up again soon,
most likely in the Twittersphere!

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