Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The secret of change - examples via Twitter

This image is a screenshot of a photo taken at #ignition14 and then posted on Twitter by
@Tina_P then retweeted by @carlacurious. I have also retweeted it.  One of the challenges for many teachers is that "new" can be challenging, we have had so  much "new" and let's be honest,  change can be difficult and scary.  However, it can also be amazing and rewarding. Following on from @Geo Mouldey (Steve Mouldey's post) on returning from a Conference or workshop. I have also been thinking about how we go about developing those sparks of excitement into fires of change, before they are extinguished by the buckets of cold water from negative colleagues, as well as the reality of a busy teaching life! (A little OTT?)
Many teachers these holidays are involved in personal PD, reflecting on their teaching and planning to make changes to impact learning. I think a good way is to choose one idea that fits in with something that currently happens in your class/school and try that.

I was struck by these three tweets demonstrating change in the classroom and "building on the new"
How much new learning was happening and how engaged were those students?

What will you be doing in Term 3 to change the learning in your classroom?

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