Monday, September 15, 2014

Sharing ideas and resources about learning.

I came across this interesting blog today written by Melbourne Librarian Rhondda .....
Read her BIO HERE. As I looked down her blog roll I recognised lots of people/educators I follow on Twitter, have read  their blogs, read their books, seen speak at conferences or even met!! (Chris Betcher) This particular post  had a list of interesting links to John Hattie, the maker movement, ideas about  libraries, apps for photos and examples of posters about Digital Citizenship. This was how I came across the blog. There is so much being shared by educators across the globe that it is hard to keep up. So I am always grateful that someone else has done the searching, sifting and sharing for me.
I have added this blog to the blog roll at the side because I think it could be a good one to follow.

This image is from Educational postcards created by Ken Whytock, sourced from

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  1. Great blog post Pauline. Love the quote - have pinned it to my education pinterest board. You are right... there is SO much good stuff out there, but it is hard to know where to start, or what direction to take.