Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Thinking about 2015

It’s not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It’s because we dare not venture that they are difficult. – Seneca

I am looking forward to 2015. I have an exciting new job, a new grandson and I have made a start on all the boxes still sitting in my garage after moving back into my house after earthquake repairs. (Okay, a small start, but a start). There is the Cricket World Cup here in Christchurch at the new Hagley Oval, exciting buildings are going up in Christchurch, there is the Rugby World Cup, I am back riding my bike, there are lots of exciting things to find out in the elearning world, interesting people to follow on Twitter, fabulous family and friends to hang out with, fish to catch (husband's job), interesting people to follow on Twitter, CORE's ten trends for 2014 to reflect on, blogs and books to read, gardens to weed...

So what do you have planned in 2015. I am sure that every teacher has spent some time thinking about their plans for 2015 during the holidays. As a last blog post to the staff at previous school, I wrote a letter with these "twelve days of eChristmas" suggestions. 

Hello All

Below are twelve tips,tools or links that might be useful as you move forward on your
“e” journeys in 2015. They are in no particular order of importance and not all my own ideas.
As always, there are many, many people smarter than me, which is why I have borrowed their ideas.

1) Join Twitter - greatest free PD there is.
2) If you did join Twitter then try joining or following  these types of  weekly or fortnightly twitter chats
    #pechat (UK) #edchat( US) #edchatnz  #aussiechat  #scichatnz  #pechatnz #UKEdChat
and of course there are amazing educators to follow. Here’s one @teachertoolkit - Ross Morrison McGill is the most followed teacher on Twitter in the UK ( he’s the guy with the 5 minute lesson plan shared by Warren)
   brilliant resources all free
4)  Another brilliant resource blog - has lots of useful infographics
5) Three blogs to read
Derek Wenmoth’s blog - One of the ICT thought leaders in NZ

Edna Sackson's blog (one of the Grannies in the cloud)

teacher toolkit blog  If you don’t want to follow him on Twitter(see No 2) then read his blog
6) Digital Citizenship - Mike Ribble
7)  Are you using the LMS (eg MOODLE ) at your school. A great place for your Digital Textbook
and combine this with Google Docs (your student's digital exercise book).
8)QR codes and Aurasma app (virtual reality) Find out about these.
9) TED talks and Ed talks
10)3D printing - Does your school have a 3D printer? How could you use this in class?
11)Read one of those INTERFACE Magazines that some annoying person on keeps putting in your pigeon hole
12) Sir Ken Robinson TED talk on creativity / TED -ed /
Good eLuck for 2015!

What do you think will be the trends for 2015?

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