Sunday, September 27, 2015

Schools that work for kids - How could you make some changes?

Day One, Term 3 School Holidays - This has traditionally been my "stay in my PJ's to lunchtime day" However, last year and this year, a change in jobs has meant I am not on holiday at this time.
However, I am thinking about education and learning as I prepare my presentation for ULearn15.
I came across this great TED talk by Eric Sheninger  from TEDxBurnsvilleED. I was able to hear him speak at Edutech15 in Brisbane this year and I am currently reading his book "Digital Leadership - changing paradigms for Changing Times"  One of his innovative practices is how he has used Twitter as a way to engage the community and to promote his school.
This video looks at how we can make changes to how schools operate to create better learni opportunities for our students.

Follow Eric on Twitter @E_Sheninger or read his blog, A Principal's Reflections

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