Tuesday, February 23, 2016

GenZ - They're in your classroom right now!

Why are some students not engaged in class? Are they not wired to learn? Does what we teach have relevance? have context? Are we connecting then to the content? Because for them context and connection are everything!

Characteristics of Gen Z

  • Have never known a world without the Internet or cell phones.
  • Tend to text instead of talk face to face.
  • Require constant and immediate feedback.
  • Are globally aware.
  • Are independent learners and self directed.
  • Have a sense of entitlement.
  • Are collaborative.
  • Are tech savvy.
  • Expect flexibility.
  • Make instantaneous plans and commitments.
  • Smart! Able to process massive amounts of information and new knowledge quickly.
  • Know that learning and new knowledge can be found ‘everywhere’, and so, may question the traditional hierarchical role of ‘knowledge holder’.
  • Sourced from Core Ed blog post by Janelle Riki-Waka
  • Check out her blog post about the Gen Z kids in our classes

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