Friday, January 20, 2017

What will your classroom look like in 2017? Are you ready?

This is a question I asked at my uLearn workshop last year. AS John Dewey said"If we teach today's students as we did yesterday's.,we rob them of tomorrow" This year many students will be turning up fresh-faced in brand-new uniforms to their Year 9 classes. For a large number of them, using a device,choosing how they present their work, choosing the order they complete work is something they see as part of learning. And for me as an English teacher that includes cell phones, social media, blogging,and using a variety of web tools to explore the curriculum. Today I sat and watched Peppa Pig on the ipad with my 2 yr old grandson, face-timed his aunty so he could talk to her, looked through his videos on my phone with him and looked at the snap chat his Granny sent from Christchurch. What will school be like when he gets there in three years? Here's the blog post I wrote on this topic for "31days of Blogging 2015" And on a slightly different topic - I love this video where the poet questions society's view of success - worth a watch!            

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